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Deep Purple

A Touch Away (4 versions)
All I Got Is You (2 versions)
All The Time In The World
Anthem (11 versions)
Anya (5 versions)
Anyone’s Daughter (5 versions)
April (4 versions)
Bad Attitude (4 versions)
Blind (3 versions)
Bloodsucker (2 versions)
Burn (7 versions)
Child in Time (18 versions)
Clavado en un bar
Clearly Quite Absurd (5 versions)
Comin’ Home (4 versions)
Comin' Home
Dead or Alive (3 versions)
Don’t Make Me Happy (3 versions)
Drifter (3 versions)
Fireball (4 versions)
Flight of the Rat (6 versions)
Fools (2 versions)
Gettin’ Tighter (3 versions)
Gettin'€™ Tighter
Haunted (7 versions)
Hey Cisco (3 versions)
Hey Joe (3 versions)
Highway Star (17 versions)
Hush (15 versions)
I Need Love (5 versions)
Kentucky Woman (4 versions)
King of Dreams (8 versions)
Knocking at Your Back Door (5 versions)
Lalena (4 versions)
Lazy (6 versions)
Living Wreck (7 versions)
Love Conquers All (10 versions)
Mandrake Root (2 versions)
Mary Long (3 versions)
Maybe I’m a Leo (2 versions)
Maybe I'm a Leo
Might Just Take Your Life
Mistreated (8 versions)
Never a Word (2 versions)
Never Before (3 versions)
No No No (2 versions)
No One Came (2 versions)
One More Rainy Day (6 versions)
Our Lady (5 versions)
Perfect Strangers (3 versions)
Pictures of Home
Place in Line (5 versions)
Rapture of the Deep (6 versions)
Rat Bat Blue
Sail Away
Smoke on the Water (28 versions)
Soldier of Fortune (14 versions)
Solitaire (5 versions)
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (11 versions)
Son of Alerik (3 versions)
Space Truckin’ (5 versions)
Speed King
Super Trouper (5 versions)
The Aviator (4 versions)
The Battle Rages On (9 versions)
The Gypsy (4 versions)
The Mule
The Spanish Archer
The Surprising
The Unwritten Law (2 versions)
Walk On (3 versions)
Wasted Sunsets (6 versions)
What’s Goin’ on Here (2 versions)
Why Didn’t Rosemary? (3 versions)
Why Didn't Rosemary?
Woman From Tokyo (9 versions)
You Fool No One
You Keep on Moving (6 versions)