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Erik og Kriss

Verden vil bedras

Verden vil bedras (2008)

Erik og Kriss, sometimes styled as Erik & Kriss is a Norwegian rap group created by Erik Mortvedt and Kristoffer Tømmerbakke. The duo became popular through the internet with the song Bærumsgrammatikk in 2004 and later with Putt Diamanter Opp in 2006. In 2007, they finished their first album, Gull og Grønne Skoger, and followed that with their second album Verden Vil Bedras in early 2008.

Their popularity grew even further after the release of their second album, first through the single Dra Tilbake which was released nearing the end of 2007, and more so after the release of Det E’kke Meg Det Er Deg in the middle of 2008. Record sales, lots of airplay on many of Norway’s radio stations, and frequent performances pushed them to become one of Norway’s most popular artists in rap and hip hop.