Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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A Trick of the Tail (2 versions)
Abacab (2 versions)
After the Ordeal (6 versions)
Afterglow (11 versions)
Alone Tonight (6 versions)
Am I Very Wrong (7 versions)
Another Record
Blood on the Rooftops (7 versions)
Burning Rope (3 versions)
Calling All Stations (5 versions)
Can'€Utility and the Coastliners (2 versions)
Carpet Crawlers (6 versions)
Counting Out Time (4 versions)
Cuckoo Cocoon (7 versions)
Dancing With the Moonlit Knight (3 versions)
Down and Out (3 versions)
Dusk (7 versions)
Entangled (3 versions)
Fading Lights (2 versions)
Fireside Song
Firth of Fifth (5 versions)
Fly on a Windshield (3 versions)
Follow You Follow Me (7 versions)
For Absent Friends (4 versions)
Get '€™em Out by Friday (2 versions)
Guide Vocal (6 versions)
Hairless Heart (2 versions)
Harold the Barrel
Heathaze (4 versions)
Hold On My Heart (2 versions)
Home by the Sea (6 versions)
I Can'€™t Dance (12 versions)
In Hiding (7 versions)
In the Beginning (2 versions)
In the Cage (2 versions)
In the Wilderness (4 versions)
In Too Deep (5 versions)
Invisible Touch (4 versions)
Jesus He Knows Me (10 versions)
Just a Job to Do (2 versions)
Land of Confusion (10 versions)
Like It or Not (3 versions)
Mad Man Moon
Mama (4 versions)
Many Too Many (7 versions)
Misunderstanding (5 versions)
More Fool Me (6 versions)
No Reply at All
No Son of Mine (6 versions)
Not About Us (3 versions)
One Eyed Hound (5 versions)
One for the Vine
Please Don'€™t Ask (7 versions)
Ripples'€¦ (7 versions)
Say It'€™s Alright Joe (2 versions)
Silent Sun
Silver Rainbow (3 versions)
Since I Lost You (2 versions)
Snowbound (6 versions)
Squonk (5 versions)
Supper'€™s Ready (10 versions)
Taking It All Too Hard
Tell Me Why (2 versions)
That’s Me (4 versions)
That'€™s All (2 versions)
The Chamber of 32 Doors (4 versions)
The Cinema Show
The Knife (3 versions)
The Lady Lies (2 versions)
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (2 versions)
The Musical Box
Throwing It All Away (6 versions)
Time Table (3 versions)
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (3 versions)
Turn It On Again
Uncertain Weather (2 versions)
Undertow (7 versions)
Way of the World
White Mountain (3 versions)
Window (3 versions)
Your Own Special Way (7 versions)