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Ben Harper

Amen Omen (14 versions)
Another Lonely Day (11 versions)
Ashes (5 versions)
Believe (7 versions)
Beloved One (12 versions)
Bestevenner (2 versions)
Blessed to Be a Witness (6 versions)
Burn One Down (4 versions)
By My Side (5 versions)
Crazy Amazing (3 versions)
Cryin'€™ Won'€™t Help You Now
Diamonds on the Inside (14 versions)
Don'€™t Give Up on Me Now (5 versions)
Excuse Me Mr (2 versions)
Excuse Me Mr.
Feel Love (3 versions)
Forever (5 versions)
Give a Man a Home (5 versions)
Glory & Consequence
Gold to Me (6 versions)
Happy Everafter in Your Eyes (5 versions)
How Many Miles Must We March (4 versions)
I Shall Not Walk Alone
I Want to Be Ready
I Will Not Be Broken (3 versions)
I'€™ll Rise (3 versions)
In the Colors (4 versions)
Jah Work (5 versions)
Mama'€™s Got a Girlfriend Now
Morning Yearning (8 versions)
Never Leave Lonely Alone (3 versions)
Not Fire Not Ice (3 versions)
One Road to Freedom (6 versions)
People Lead (3 versions)
Picture in a Frame (7 versions)
Picture of Jesus (3 versions)
Please Me Like You Want To (2 versions)
Power of the Gospel (10 versions)
Pray That Our Love Sees the Dawn (3 versions)
Reason to Mourn (3 versions)
Rock '€™n'€™ Roll Is Free (3 versions)
Roses From My Friends (6 versions)
She'€™s Only Happy in the Sun (8 versions)
Skin Thin (3 versions)
Spilling Faith
The Three of Us
The Will to Live
There Will Be a Light (3 versions)
Touch From Your Lust (4 versions)
Up to You Now (3 versions)
Waiting for You (5 versions)
Waiting on a Sign (3 versions)
Waiting on an Angel (9 versions)
Walk Away (4 versions)
Welcome to the Cruel World (2 versions)
When It'€™s Good
Where Could I Go (3 versions)
Whipping Boy (3 versions)
Widow of a Living Man (5 versions)
With My Own Two Hands (8 versions)
You Found Another Lover (I Lost Another Friend) (4 versions)

Benjamin Chase Harper (born October 28, 1969) is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Harper plays an eclectic mix of blues, folk, soul, reggae and rock music and is known for his guitar-playing skills, vocals, live performances, and activism. He has released twelve regular studio albums, mostly through Virgin Records and has toured internationally.

Harper is a three-time Grammy Award winner, with awards for Best Pop Instrumental Performance and Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album in 2005 and Best Blues Album in 2014.