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Jack Johnson

Adrift (11 versions)
All at Once (3 versions)
Angel (17 versions)
Anything but the Truth (5 versions)
As I Was Saying (5 versions)
At or With Me (4 versions)
Banana Pancakes (19 versions)
Belle (5 versions)
Better Together (27 versions)
Breakdown (18 versions)
Bubble Toes (9 versions)
Cocoon (9 versions)
Constellations (11 versions)
Cookie Jar (10 versions)
Crying Shame (6 versions)
Cupid (6 versions)
Do You Remember (10 versions)
Dreams Be Dreams (6 versions)
Drink the Water (5 versions)
Enemy (2 versions)
F-Stop Blues (8 versions)
Fall Line (9 versions)
Flake (23 versions)
Fortunate Fool (8 versions)
From the Clouds (7 versions)
Go On (5 versions)
Gone (11 versions)
Good People (14 versions)
Holes to Heaven (5 versions)
Home (9 versions)
Hope (5 versions)
I Got You (12 versions)
If I Had Eyes (14 versions)
Inaudible Melodies (8 versions)
It'€™s All Understood (10 versions)
Losing Hope (7 versions)
Losing Keys (10 versions)
Mediocre Bad Guys (8 versions)
Middle Man (3 versions)
Monsoon (9 versions)
Mudfootball (For Moe Lerner)
My Little Girl (15 versions)
Never Fade (4 versions)
Never Know (11 versions)
No Good With Faces (12 versions)
No Other Way (3 versions)
Ones and Zeros (2 versions)
Only the Ocean (9 versions)
Pictures of People Taking Pictures (5 versions)
Posters (2 versions)
Radiate (9 versions)
Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology (3 versions)
Rodeo Clowns (8 versions)
Same Girl (5 versions)
Sexy Plexi (5 versions)
Shot Reverse Shot (3 versions)
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (6 versions)
Situations (13 versions)
Sleep Through the Static (9 versions)
Staple It Together
Symbol In My Driveway (5 versions)
Tape Deck (6 versions)
Taylor (15 versions)
The Horizon Has Been Defeated (6 versions)
The News (9 versions)
The Upsetter (6 versions)
They Do, They Don'€™t (5 versions)
Times Like These (7 versions)
To the Sea (5 versions)
Tomorrow Morning (5 versions)
Traffic in the Sky (8 versions)
Turn Your Love (8 versions)
Washing Dishes (6 versions)
Wasting Time (5 versions)
What You Thought You Need (8 versions)
When I Look Up (3 versions)
While We Wait (2 versions)
You and Your Heart (37 versions)
You Remind Me of You (4 versions)

Jack Hody Johnson (born May 18, 1975) is a singer-songwriter, musician, actor, record producer, documentary filmmaker and a former professional surfer from the United States. Johnson is known primarily for his work in the soft rock and acoustic genres. In 2001, he achieved commercial success after the release of his debut album, Brushfire Fairytales. Johnson has reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart with his albums Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George in 2006, Sleep Through the Static in 2008, To the Sea in 2010, and From Here to Now to You in 2013. Johnson’s In Between Dreams album peaked at number 2 on the chart in 2005 and again in 2013.

Johnson is active in the ecology and sustainability movement, often with an ocean-centric focus. Johnson and wife Kim created the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation and the Kōkua Hawaii Foundation. In 2008 Johnson adopted the concept of greening (reduce and reuse), and donated 100% of the proceeds of the Sleep Through the Static tour to the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation. Similarly, the proceeds from the 2010 To the Sea album tour went to All At Once, a Johnson backed collaborative of greening charities promoting fan involvement.