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Joni Mitchell

A Case of You (13 versions)
All I Want (6 versions)
Amelia (3 versions)
Banquet (4 versions)
Barangrill (3 versions)
Big Yellow Taxi (17 versions)
Blonde in the Bleachers (2 versions)
Blue (8 versions)
Blue Boy (3 versions)
Both Sides Now (16 versions)
Cactus Tree (7 versions)
California (10 versions)
Car on a Hill (4 versions)
Carey (5 versions)
Chelsea Morning (6 versions)
Circle Game (12 versions)
Conversation (5 versions)
Court and Spark (4 versions)
Coyote (5 versions)
Dog Eat Dog (3 versions)
Don'€™t Interrupt the Sorrow (4 versions)
Down to You (3 versions)
Edith and the Kingpin (11 versions)
Electricity (2 versions)
For Free (6 versions)
For the Roses (4 versions)
Free Man in Paris (5 versions)
Furry Sings the Blues (4 versions)
Good Friends (3 versions)
Hejira (5 versions)
Help Me (4 versions)
I Don'€™t Know Where I Stand (3 versions)
I Had a King (3 versions)
Just Like This Train (4 versions)
Ladies of the Canyon (4 versions)
Last Chance Lost (4 versions)
Let the Wind Carry Me (2 versions)
Little Green (6 versions)
Marcie (3 versions)
Michael From Mountains (4 versions)
Morning Morgantown (4 versions)
My Old Man (5 versions)
Nathan La Franeer
Night in the City (3 versions)
People'€™s Parties (3 versions)
Rainy Night House (3 versions)
Raised on Robbery (4 versions)
Real Good for Free (4 versions)
River (10 versions)
See You Sometime (4 versions)
Sex Kills (5 versions)
Slouching Towards Bethlehem
Sweet Bird
Tax Free (3 versions)
That Song About the Midway (2 versions)
The Circle Game (5 versions)
The Dawntreader (3 versions)
The Wolf That Lives in Lindsey (4 versions)
This Flight Tonight (3 versions)
Trouble Child (4 versions)
Twisted (4 versions)
Willy (5 versions)
Woman of Heart and Mind (3 versions)
Woodstock (9 versions)
Yvette in English (4 versions)