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4 U
A.D.I.D.A.S. (5 versions)
All in the Family (5 versions)
Alone I Break (8 versions)
Ass Itch
Ball Tongue (2 versions)
Beg for Me (2 versions)
Black Is the Soul
Blind (6 versions)
Bottled Up Inside
Break Some Off (5 versions)
Chi (2 versions)
Children of the Korn (5 versions)
Clown (2 versions)
Coming Undone (8 versions)
Counting (2 versions)
Counting on Me (4 versions)
Dead Bodies Everywhere (3 versions)
Deep Inside (3 versions)
Did My Time (3 versions)
Divine (2 versions)
Earache My Eye (2 versions)
Embrace (3 versions)
Everything Falls Apart
Evolution (3 versions)
Faget (4 versions)
Falling Away From Me (9 versions)
Freak on a Leash (18 versions)
Good God (4 versions)
Got the Life (7 versions)
Hating (2 versions)
Helmet in the Bush (3 versions)
Here It Comes Again (6 versions)
Here to Stay (6 versions)
Hollow Life (3 versions)
Hushabye (3 versions)
It'€™s Gonna Go Away
It'€™s On!
Justin (2 versions)
Kiss (6 versions)
Let'€™s Get This Party Started (2 versions)
Lowrider (2 versions)
Make Me Bad (9 versions)
My Gift to You
Need To (4 versions)
No One’s There
No One's There
No Place to Hide (3 versions)
No Way (2 versions)
Oildale (Leave Me Alone) (3 versions)
One (3 versions)
Porno Creep (3 versions)
Predictable (2 versions)
Pretty (2 versions)
Reclaim My Place (2 versions)
Right Now (2 versions)
Rotting in Vain
Shoots and Ladders (5 versions)
Somebody Someone
Take Me
Thoughtless (4 versions)
Throw Me Away
Trash (2 versions)
Twist (3 versions)
Twisted Transistor (2 versions)
Wake Up (2 versions)
Wake Up Hate
Word Up! (2 versions)
Y'€™all Want a Single (5 versions)