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La Polla Records


Revolución (1985)

Hoy es el futuro

Hoy es el futuro (1993)

Carne para la picadora

Carne para la picadora (1996)

La Polla Records was a Spanish Basque punk rock band, formed in 1979 in Salvatierra/Agurain, a small town in the Basque Country (Spain). Its founders were Evaristo on vocals, Maleguin on bass, Fernandito on drums and Txarly and Sumé on guitars. The name was somewhat controversial because in Spanish, "polla" is vulgarly slang for "cock, penis". The lyrics of the band harshly criticized fascism, militarism, capitalism, and catholicism. La Polla Records has been very influential in the Spanish-language punk scene.

La Polla Records was a band that was known as a symbol of rebellion against everything, to the point of them being called "anti-everything". As a result of this they faced several major obstacles throughout their career, primarily threats and repression. The band members even faced jail time during a concert with Eskorbuto, another Spanish punk band.