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My Ruin is an American Los Angeles-based alternative metal band, composed of the husband and wife duo Tairrie B and Mick Murphy. The band has been through various line-up changes since its formation in 1999. Its fanbase is mostly in the UK. Its sound consists of passionate vocals set against heavy rock beats. Vocalist Tairrie B Murphy has cultivated a reputation both on and off the stage for her aggressive performances and acerbic vocal style. Over the decade since the band’s formation, the sound has evolved and become heavier with each record, with Mick Murphy’s guitar playing becoming a prominent feature along with his solos and riffs.

My Ruin are a DIY band who have control over every aspect of their output. In the past they have released several of their records via their own imprint, Rovena Recordings. These records include; The Brutal Language (2005), Throat Full of Heart (2008), and live album Alive On the Other Side (2008). They have also been signed to numerous record labels, including Snapper, Spitfire, Century Media, Undergroove Records, Rovena Recordings and Tiefdruck Musik.