Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady (2 versions)
(Probably) All in the Mind (4 versions)
A Bell Will Ring (12 versions)
A Quick Peep (2 versions)
All Around the World (18 versions)
All Around the World (reprise) (4 versions)
Bag It Up (7 versions)
Be Here Now (13 versions)
Better Man (10 versions)
Born on a Different Cloud (14 versions)
Bring It On Down (16 versions)
Cast No Shadow (16 versions)
Champagne Supernova (30 versions)
Cigarettes & Alcohol (5 versions)
Club Kung Fu (4 versions)
Columbia (17 versions)
D'€™You Know What I Mean? (23 versions)
De pies a cabeza
Digsy’s Dinner (19 versions)
Digsy's Dinner (2 versions)
Digsy'€™s Dinner (7 versions)
Don'€™t Go Away (22 versions)
Don'€™t Look Back in Anger (31 versions)
Fade In-Out (11 versions)
Falling Down (4 versions)
Force of Nature (12 versions)
Gas Panic! (18 versions)
Go Let It Out (21 versions)
Guess God Thinks I’m Abel (12 versions)
Guess God Thinks I'€™m Abel (4 versions)
Hello (17 versions)
Hey Now! (12 versions)
Hung in a Bad Place (9 versions)
I Can See a Liar (8 versions)
I Don’t Care at All (3 versions)
I Hope, I Think, I Know (10 versions)
I'€™m Outta Time (16 versions)
Idlers Dream (2 versions)
It'€™s Gettin'€™ Better (Man!!) (11 versions)
Just Getting Older (3 versions)
Keep the Dream Alive (11 versions)
Let There Be Love (21 versions)
Like There Ain’t No Yesterday
Little by Little (24 versions)
Little James (15 versions)
Live Forever (39 versions)
Love Like a Bomb (12 versions)
Lyla (22 versions)
Magic Pie (14 versions)
Mariposa traicionera
Married With Children (37 versions)
Morning Glory (22 versions)
Mucky Fingers (13 versions)
My Big Mouth (15 versions)
Next Door Neighbour (3 versions)
Part of the Queue (11 versions)
Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is (6 versions)
Rock '€™n'€™ Roll Star (25 versions)
Rock My World (7 versions)
Roll It Over (7 versions)
Roll With It (20 versions)
Shakermaker (13 versions)
She Is Love (14 versions)
She'€™s Electric (23 versions)
Slide Away (21 versions)
Soldier On
Some Might Say (19 versions)
Songbird (17 versions)
Stand by Me (24 versions)
Stop Crying Your Heart Out (34 versions)
Sunday Morning Call (14 versions)
Supersonic (38 versions)
The Girl in the Dirty Shirt (12 versions)
The Hindu Times (17 versions)
The Importance of Being Idle (5 versions)
The Meaning of Soul (5 versions)
The Nature of Reality
The Shock of the Lightning (8 versions)
The Turning (5 versions)
Turn Up the Sun (9 versions)
Up in the Sky (9 versions)
Waiting for the Rapture (11 versions)
Wake Up (Dreaming of You) (2 versions)
Where Did It All Go Wrong? (10 versions)
Who Feels Love? (10 versions)
Wonderwall (36 versions)
Your Funeral, My Trial (2 versions)
¿Por qué te vas?