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One Direction

18 (4 versions)
Act My Age
Alive (6 versions)
Back for You (11 versions)
Best Song Ever (20 versions)
Better Than Words (5 versions)
C'€™Mon, C'€™Mon (6 versions)
Change My Mind (7 versions)
Diana (20 versions)
Does He Know? (5 versions)
Don'€™t Forget Where You Belong (7 versions)
Drag Me Down (4 versions)
End of the Day (2 versions)
Everything About You (6 versions)
Fireproof (3 versions)
Fool'€™s Gold (2 versions)
Girl Almighty (2 versions)
Gotta Be You (9 versions)
Half A Heart (13 versions)
Happily (17 versions)
Heart Attack (8 versions)
Hey Angel
History (3 versions)
I Want (8 versions)
I Want to Write You a Song (3 versions)
I Wish (12 versions)
I Would (11 versions)
If I Could Fly (4 versions)
Illusion (2 versions)
Infinity (3 versions)
Kiss You (17 versions)
Last First Kiss (13 versions)
Little Black Dress (7 versions)
Little Things (45 versions)
Little White Lies (6 versions)
Live While We'€™re Young (10 versions)
Long Way Down (2 versions)
Love You Goodbye (3 versions)
Midnight Memories (22 versions)
Moments (13 versions)
More Than This (13 versions)
Night Changes (2 versions)
No Control (4 versions)
Olivia (2 versions)
Once in a Lifetime (2 versions)
One Thing (13 versions)
Over Again (18 versions)
Perfect (3 versions)
Ready to Run (3 versions)
Right Now (6 versions)
Rock Me (16 versions)
Same Mistakes (4 versions)
Save You Tonight (5 versions)
Something Great (8 versions)
Spaces (2 versions)
Stand Up (2 versions)
Steal My Girl (2 versions)
Stockholm Syndrome (3 versions)
Stole My Heart (7 versions)
Story Of My Life (13 versions)
Strong (10 versions)
Summer Love (28 versions)
Taken (9 versions)
Tell Me a Lie (4 versions)
Temporary Fix
They Don'€™t Know About Us (10 versions)
Through The Dark (14 versions)
Up All Night (8 versions)
Walking in the Wind
What a Feeling
What Makes You Beautiful (10 versions)
Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Why Don’t We Go There (3 versions)
Why Don't We Go There