Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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A Line in the Sand
A Place Called Home (4 versions)
All and Everyone (8 versions)
Angelene (3 versions)
Big Exit (2 versions)
Bitter Branches (3 versions)
Black Hearted Love (3 versions)
C'€™mon Billy (6 versions)
Chain of Keys
Dear Darkness (2 versions)
Down by the Water (4 versions)
Dress (4 versions)
Dry (3 versions)
England (5 versions)
Good Fortune (5 versions)
Grow Grow Grow (4 versions)
Hanging in the Wire (3 versions)
Hardly Wait
Hook (4 versions)
I Think I'€™m a Mother (3 versions)
In the Dark Places (5 versions)
It'€™s You (4 versions)
Joe (4 versions)
Legs (6 versions)
Let England Shake (4 versions)
Long Snake Moan (5 versions)
Meet ze Monsta
Missed (4 versions)
Near the Memorials to Vietnam and Lincoln
No Child of Mine (5 versions)
O Stella (5 versions)
Oh My Lover (4 versions)
On Battleship Hill (2 versions)
One Line
Plants and Rags (3 versions)
Rid of Me (5 versions)
River Anacostia
Rub '€™til It Bleeds (3 versions)
Send His Love to Me (4 versions)
Shame (8 versions)
Sheela-Na-Gig (2 versions)
Silence (3 versions)
That Was My Veil (4 versions)
The Colour of the Earth (3 versions)
The Community of Hope (2 versions)
The Dancer (7 versions)
The Devil (3 versions)
The Garden (4 versions)
The Glorious Land (2 versions)
The Last Living Rose (3 versions)
The Ministry of Defence
The Ministry of Social Affairs
The Mountain (4 versions)
The Orange Monkey
The Piano (2 versions)
The Slow Drug (2 versions)
The Wheel (2 versions)
The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore (3 versions)
The Words That Maketh Murder (3 versions)
This Is Love (6 versions)
To Bring You My Love (6 versions)
Victory (3 versions)
We Float (3 versions)
White Chalk (3 versions)
Working for the Man
Written on the Forehead (2 versions)
You Said Something (5 versions)