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Plume Latraverse

Le vieux show son sale

Le vieux show son sale (1975)

Pommes de route

Pommes de route (1975)

Livraison...par en arrière

Livraison...par en arrière (1981)

Plume Latraverse (born Michel Latraverse 11 May 1946) is a prolific singer, musician, songwriter and author from Quebec. At the end of the 60’s, he formed a band named La Sainte Trinité with Pierrot le fou (Pierre Léger) and Pierre Landry. Then he formed a duo with Steve Faulkner (1972-1975). They performed for the last time at the Chant’Août in Quebec City. In 1976, Plume started a solo career and became one of the most influential names in Quebec counterculture. During a European tour (1979-1980) he presents a show during Le Printemps de Bourges and receives the Prime Minister of France’s Prize (Prix international de la jeune chanson) and the Pop-Rock prize for the best Songwriter from Quebec. In 1982 he associates with Offenbach and produces the album À fond d’train. After his filmed biography, Ô rage électrique, Plume presented his show Show d’à diable in 1984, in which he makes his official but not definitive goodbye to the singer career. He then focused on painting and writing. He published many of his songs texts and a story book.

In 1980 the Montreal Gazette described him as "the French Frank Zappa".