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Silk Route


Boondein ()

Silk Route was a band from India consisting of Mohit Chauhan (lead vocals, backing guitars), Atul Mittal (lead guitars, clarinet and backing vocals), Kem Trivedi (keyboards) and Kenny Puri (percussion and drums).

The band is much endeared for the song "Dooba-Dooba" from their acclaimed 1998 debut album, Boondein. Brought to the Indian film industry’s notice, the band was then furnished opportunities to score and perform songs for movies such as Kalpana Lajmi’s "Kyon", "Lets Enjoy" and "Urf Professor".

They confess to such diverse influences as Sting, Simon & Garfunkel and Dire Straits, all of which find their way into the Silk Route sounds. The band always added a distinct touch to their music by using acoustic guitars, talking drums and harmonica and primarily by of the use of Recorder, a 17th-century European folk musical instrument played by Kem Trivedi.