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Status Quo

(April) Spring, Summer and Wednesdays (3 versions)
1000 Years (5 versions)
Accident Prone (4 versions)
Address Book (3 versions)
Again and Again (4 versions)
Ain'€™t Complaining (2 versions)
All Around My Hat (7 versions)
All Day and All of the Night
All Stand Up (Never Say Never) (4 versions)
All That Counts Is Love (5 versions)
All That Money (3 versions)
All the Reasons (4 versions)
All We Really Wanna Do (Polly) (3 versions)
Alright (4 versions)
Another Day (4 versions)
Antique Angelique (2 versions)
Any Way You Like It (3 versions)
Are You Growing Tired of My Love (4 versions)
Baby Boy (4 versions)
Back on My Feet (3 versions)
Backwater (2 versions)
Bad News (4 versions)
Beginning of the End (4 versions)
Belavista Man (4 versions)
Better Than That (3 versions)
Big Fat Mama (11 versions)
Blessed Are the Meek (3 versions)
Blue Eyed Lady
Blue for You (5 versions)
Born to Be Wild (4 versions)
Break the Rules (6 versions)
Bring It on Home (3 versions)
Broken Man (3 versions)
Burning Bridges (6 versions)
Can’t Be Done (4 versions)
Can’t Give You More (3 versions)
Can’t See for Looking (2 versions)
Can'€™t Be Done (2 versions)
Carol (3 versions)
Caroline (7 versions)
Ciao-Ciao (2 versions)
Claudette (3 versions)
Coma Girl (4 versions)
Confidence (2 versions)
Crawling From the Wreckage (4 versions)
Cream of the Crop (5 versions)
Creepin'€™ Up on You (4 versions)
Cross That Bridge (4 versions)
Cupid Stupid (4 versions)
Daughter (3 versions)
Dear John (3 versions)
Dirty Water (6 versions)
Don’t Stop (2 versions)
Don’t Think it Matters (3 versions)
Don'€™t Drive My Car (3 versions)
Don'€™t Think it Matters (2 versions)
Don'€™t Waste My Time
Down Down (6 versions)
Down the Dustpipe (3 versions)
Dust to Gold (3 versions)
Electric Arena (4 versions)
Elizabeth Dreams (3 versions)
Enough Is Enough (4 versions)
Everything (4 versions)
Everytime I Think of You (4 versions)
Face Without a Soul (3 versions)
Fakin’ the Blues (4 versions)
Fakin'€™ the Blues (3 versions)
Familiar Blues (4 versions)
Famous in the Last Century (2 versions)
Figure of Eight (6 versions)
Fiji Time (3 versions)
Fine Fine Fine (3 versions)
For You (6 versions)
Frozen Hero (2 versions)
Gentleman Joe’s Sidewalk Cafe (4 versions)
Gerdundula (6 versions)
Get Back (4 versions)
Get Out of Denver
Gogogo (3 versions)
Goin’ Nowhere (3 versions)
Going Down for the First Time (4 versions)
Going Down Town Tonight (2 versions)
Goodbye Baby (4 versions)
Gotta Get Up and Go (4 versions)
Green (3 versions)
Heavy Traffic (7 versions)
Hold Me (3 versions)
Hold You Back (2 versions)
Hound Dog (4 versions)
I Can Hear the Grass Grow (3 versions)
I Didn’t Mean It (4 versions)
I Didn'€™t Mean It
I Don'€™t Remember Anymore (4 versions)
I Love Rock and Roll (3 versions)
Ice in the Sun
In the Army Now (9 versions)
Invitation (3 versions)
Is There a Better Way (4 versions)
It’s All About You (2 versions)
Jam Side Down (7 versions)
Johnny and Mary (2 versions)
Junior'€™s Wailing
Just Take Me (3 versions)
Keep '€™em Coming
Kick Me When I'€™m Down (4 versions)
Leave a Little Light On (3 versions)
Let Me Fly (4 versions)
Let’s Rock (3 versions)
Let'€™s Rock
Lies (3 versions)
Like a Zombie
Like It or Not (2 versions)
Little Lady (3 versions)
Little Me and You (4 versions)
Little White Lies (6 versions)
Living On An Island (7 versions)
Lonely Man (3 versions)
Long Ago (3 versions)
Looking Out for Caroline (3 versions)
Lover of the Human Race (3 versions)
Lucille (4 versions)
Mad About the Boy (4 versions)
Magic (2 versions)
Making Waves (5 versions)
Marguerita Time (5 versions)
Mess of the Blues (4 versions)
Mony Mony (4 versions)
Most of the Time (3 versions)
Movin’ On (2 versions)
My Little Heartbreaker (5 versions)
My Old Ways (2 versions)
Mystery Island (3 versions)
Mystery Song (7 versions)
Nanana (2 versions)
Need Your Love (3 versions)
Never Leave a Friend Behind (2 versions)
Nightride (4 versions)
No Problems (2 versions)
Not at All (3 versions)
Nothing at All (3 versions)
Ol’ Rag Blues (5 versions)
Old Time Rock and Roll (4 versions)
Once Bitten Twice Shy (3 versions)
One Man Band (2 versions)
Over and Done (2 versions)
Over the Edge (4 versions)
Paper Plane (5 versions)
Paradise Flat (2 versions)
Pennsylvania Blues Tonight (5 versions)
Perfect Remedy (3 versions)
Pictures of Matchstick Men (10 versions)
Point of No Return (2 versions)
Price of Love (4 versions)
Railroad (2 versions)
Rain (3 versions)
Rave On (3 versions)
Reality Cheque (2 versions)
Reason for Living (2 versions)
Red Sky (3 versions)
Restless (2 versions)
Rhythm of Life (3 versions)
Ring of a Change (2 versions)
Roadhouse Blues (2 versions)
Rock ’n’ Me (2 versions)
Rock ’n’ Roll ’n’ You (3 versions)
Rock '€™n'€™ Roll '€™n'€™ You (2 versions)
Rock '€™til You Drop (2 versions)
Rockers Rollin'€™ (3 versions)
Rockin'€™ All Over the World (8 versions)
Rocking All Over the World (3 versions)
Roll Over Beethoven (3 versions)
Roll Over Lay Down
Roll the Dice (3 versions)
Rollin’ Home
Rolling Home (3 versions)
Runaround Sue (5 versions)
Runaway (4 versions)
Running Inside My Head (3 versions)
Safety Dance (6 versions)
Shady Lady (3 versions)
She Don’t Fool Me (3 versions)
Shine On (3 versions)
Shy Fly (3 versions)
Slow Train (2 versions)
Sobra la luz (3 versions)
Soft in the Head (3 versions)
Softer Ride (2 versions)
Solid Gold (2 versions)
Something '€™bout You Baby I Like (4 versions)
Sorrow (3 versions)
Sorry (4 versions)
Speechless (4 versions)
Spicks and Specks (3 versions)
Stay the Night (4 versions)
Stones (4 versions)
Take Me Away (3 versions)
Takin’ Care of Business (3 versions)
Takin'€™ Care of Business
Tango (5 versions)
Technicolour Dreams (3 versions)
The Party Ain'€™t Over Yet (2 versions)
The Wanderer (5 versions)
The Winner (2 versions)
This Is Me (3 versions)
Throw Her a Line (3 versions)
Tongue Tied (2 versions)
Too Close to the Ground (2 versions)
Twenty Wild Horses (4 versions)
Two Way Traffic (3 versions)
Under the Influence (4 versions)
Unspoken Words (4 versions)
Velvet Train
Warning Shot (2 versions)
What to Do (3 versions)
Whatever You Want (5 versions)
When I’m Dead and Gone (3 versions)
When You Walk in the Room (3 versions)
Where I Am (2 versions)
Who Gets the Love (4 versions)
Your Kind of Love (3 versions)