Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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100MPH (3 versions)
A Minute Longer (2 versions)
A Thousand Trees (11 versions)
Been Caught Cheating (2 versions)
Beerbottle (3 versions)
Billy Davey'€™s Daughter (5 versions)
Boy On A Bike
Chances Are
Check My Eyelids for Holes (2 versions)
Climbing the Wall (4 versions)
Could You Be the One? (12 versions)
Crush (2 versions)
Daisy Lane (5 versions)
Dakota (22 versions)
Deadhead (4 versions)
Devil (9 versions)
Drive A Thousand Miles
Drowning (5 versions)
Everyday I Think of Money (5 versions)
Feel (3 versions)
Girl (3 versions)
Goldfish Bowl (9 versions)
Graffiti on the Train (5 versions)
Half the Lies You Tell Ain'€™t True (4 versions)
Handbags and Gladrags (3 versions)
Have a Nice Day (14 versions)
Hurry Up and Wait (10 versions)
I Got Your Number (3 versions)
I Miss You Now (4 versions)
I Stopped to Fill My Car Up (8 versions)
I Wanna Get Lost with You
I Wouldn'€™t Believe Your Radio (12 versions)
In a Moment (6 versions)
Indian Summer (8 versions)
Innocent (7 versions)
Into the World
Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today? (11 versions)
It Means Nothing (5 versions)
Just Looking (11 versions)
Lady Luck (4 versions)
Last of the Big Time Drinkers (5 versions)
Local Boy in the Photograph (16 versions)
Lolita (3 versions)
Looks Like Chaplin (3 versions)
Lying in the Sun (5 versions)
Madame Helga (2 versions)
Maybe (3 versions)
Maybe Tomorrow (6 versions)
More Life in a Tramp'€™s Vest (10 versions)
Mr and Mrs Smith
Mr Writer (14 versions)
Nice to Be Out (8 versions)
No-one'€™s Perfect (2 versions)
Not Up to You (9 versions)
Nothing Precious at All (6 versions)
Pass the Buck (2 versions)
Pedalpusher (2 versions)
Pick a Part That'€™s New (8 versions)
Plastic California (4 versions)
Rainbows and Pots of Gold (9 versions)
Rewind (5 versions)
Roll Up and Shine (2 versions)
Rooftop (3 versions)
Same Size Feet (6 versions)
She Takes Her Clothes Off (5 versions)
Show Me How (4 versions)
Since I Told You It'€™s Over (6 versions)
Song for the Summer (2 versions)
Step on My Old Size Nines (9 versions)
Stone (5 versions)
Stuck in a Rut (3 versions)
Sunny (2 versions)
Superman (7 versions)
T-Shirt Sun Tan (3 versions)
Taken A Tumble
The Bartender and the Thief (2 versions)
Too Many Sandwiches (6 versions)
Traffic (10 versions)
Trouble (9 versions)
Uppercut (3 versions)
Vegas Two Times (6 versions)
Violins and Tambourines (2 versions)
Watch Them Fly Sundays (5 versions)
We Share the Same Sun
White Lies
You Stole My Money Honey (8 versions)