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The Paperboys

The Paperboys (sometimes billed and credited as Tom Landa and the Paperboys) are a Canadian folk music band from Vancouver that formed in 1991. The Paperboys blend Celtic folk with bluegrass, Mexican, Eastern European, African, zydeco, soul and country influences. The band has had a variety of members and line-ups since its original formation, with Landa remaining as the sole founding member, although veteran banjoist/bassist Cam Salay often returns as a guest performer. Known for consistently creating pop songs with melodic hooks, their music has been called versatile, with a wide range of influences, melding diverse musical influences more successfully than some other Irish rock bands have previously.

Their first studio album, Late As Usual, was released in 1995, with their most recent release being their seventh album, 2014’s At Peace With One’s Ghosts. Their first three studio albums have received Juno Award nominations, with 1997’s Molinos winning for the Roots and Traditional Album of the Year category, and also winning a West Coast Music Award the same year. Their album Postcards won a West Coast Music Award in 2000. The Paperboys have their own record label and production companies, Stompy Discs and Stomp Productions, which they created to produce and market their work themselves, beginning with their first album. After the death of original drummer Paul Lawton, The Paperboys helped to finance a scholarship in his name. The band has also appeared in and scored award-winning international films. They are noted for their version of Bob Dylan’s "All Along the Watchtower", which was part of a tribute album to Dylan’s 60th birthday.

A staple at folk, roots, and bluegrass festivals in North America and Europe, The Paperboys have extensively toured both continents, performing in England, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Austria. Regularly featured on Canadian national television, The Paperboys have said in the past, "We get paid for the travel time but play for free."