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The Stranglers

(Don'€™t Bring) Harry (6 versions)
(Get a) Grip (on Yourself) (4 versions)
5 Minutes
96 Tears (3 versions)
Always the Sun (9 versions)
Baroque Bordello (3 versions)
Big in America (2 versions)
Bitching (3 versions)
Bring on the Nubiles (2 versions)
Burning Up Time (2 versions)
Curfew (2 versions)
Dagenham Dave (3 versions)
Dead Ringer
Down in the Sewer
Duchess (7 versions)
Dutch Moon
English Towns (2 versions)
European Female
Everybody Loves You When You'€™re Dead (2 versions)
Four Horsemen (2 versions)
Genetix (3 versions)
Go Buddy Go (2 versions)
Golden Brown (22 versions)
Goodbye Toulouse (4 versions)
Hanging Around (6 versions)
I Hate You (2 versions)
Ice (2 versions)
In the Shadows (2 versions)
In This Place (2 versions)
It Only Takes Two to Tango (2 versions)
It'€™s a Small World (2 versions)
Just Like Nothing on Earth (2 versions)
Let Me Down Easy (2 versions)
Let Me Introduce You to the Family (2 versions)
Let'€™s Tango in Paris (2 versions)
London Lady (6 versions)
Man of the Earth (2 versions)
Mayan Skies (2 versions)
Meninblack (2 versions)
Never Say Goodbye (2 versions)
Never to Look Back (2 versions)
Nice '€™n'€™ Sleazy (2 versions)
Nice in Nice (2 versions)
No Mercy (2 versions)
No More Heroes (11 versions)
Non Stop (2 versions)
Nuclear Device (2 versions)
Outside Tokyo (2 versions)
Paradise (3 versions)
Peaches (3 versions)
Pin Up (2 versions)
Princess of the Streets (5 versions)
Second Coming (2 versions)
Shah Shah a Go Go (2 versions)
Skin Deep
Someone Like You (2 versions)
Something Better Change (6 versions)
Sometimes (5 versions)
Souls (2 versions)
Spectre of Love (3 versions)
Sweden (All Quiet on the Eastern Front)
Tank (5 versions)
The Man They Love to Hate (2 versions)
The Raven (2 versions)
Threatened (2 versions)
Thrown Away (2 versions)
Time to Die (3 versions)
Toiler on the Sea (2 versions)
Tramp (2 versions)
Ugly (5 versions)
Valley of the Birds (3 versions)
Walk on By (2 versions)
Where I Live (2 versions)
You'€™ll Always Reap What You Sow (2 versions)