Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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A Legal Matter (6 versions)
A Man in a Purple Dress (3 versions)
A Man Is a Man
Another Tricky Day
Armenia City in the Sky (3 versions)
Athena (9 versions)
Baba O’Riley (19 versions)
Baba O'Riley (2 versions)
Baba O'€™Riley (2 versions)
Bargain (11 versions)
Behind Blue Eyes (21 versions)
Blue Red and Grey (3 versions)
Cut My Hair (4 versions)
Daily Records (3 versions)
Dangerous (3 versions)
Don’t Look Away
Dreaming From the Waist (4 versions)
Eminence Front (4 versions)
Endless Wire (3 versions)
Eyesight to the Blind (3 versions)
Getting in Tune (10 versions)
Going Mobile (14 versions)
Had Enough (4 versions)
Happy Jack (10 versions)
Heat Wave (4 versions)
Helpless Dancer (6 versions)
How Many Friends (5 versions)
I Can See for Miles (7 versions)
I Can'€™t Reach You (5 versions)
I Don'€™t Mind (3 versions)
I Need You (3 versions)
I’m Free (11 versions)
I'm Free
I'€™m a Man (3 versions)
I'€™m Free (3 versions)
I'€™m One (10 versions)
I'€™ve Had Enough (3 versions)
Imagine a Man (3 versions)
It'€™s Not Enough (3 versions)
It'€™s Not True (2 versions)
La-La-La-Lies (5 versions)
Love Ain’t for Keeping (7 versions)
Love Ain't for Keeping
Love Ain'€™t for Keeping
Miracle Cure (3 versions)
Mirror Door (3 versions)
Much Too Much (4 versions)
My Generation (11 versions)
My Wife (7 versions)
No Mercy (2 versions)
Odorono (6 versions)
Out in the Street (4 versions)
Please, Please, Please (2 versions)
Quadrophenia (6 versions)
Run Run Run (2 versions)
Sally Simpson (5 versions)
See My Way (3 versions)
Silas Stingy
Sister Disco (3 versions)
Slip Kid (3 versions)
So Sad About Us (6 versions)
Squeeze Box (7 versions)
Sunrise (4 versions)
Tattoo (4 versions)
The Dirty Jobs (7 versions)
The Good'€™s Gone (3 versions)
The Kids Are Alright (6 versions)
The Ox
The Punk and the Godfather (4 versions)
The Real Me (7 versions)
The Song Is Over (3 versions)
Tommy’s Holiday Camp (5 versions)
Tommy's Holiday Camp
Trick of the Light (3 versions)
We’re Not Gonna Take It (8 versions)
Welcome (4 versions)
Whiskey Man (3 versions)
Who Are You (15 versions)
Won’t Get Fooled Again (19 versions)
Won'€™t Get Fooled Again (7 versions)
You Better You Bet (11 versions)
You Didn’t Hear It