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They Might Be Giants

(She Thinks She'€™s) Edith Head (2 versions)
32 Footsteps (6 versions)
A Self Called Nowhere (5 versions)
Absolutely Bill'€™s Mood (5 versions)
AKA Driver (2 versions)
Alienation'€™s for the Rich (6 versions)
Ana Ng (8 versions)
Another First Kiss (5 versions)
Au Contraire (4 versions)
Bangs (2 versions)
Bastard Wants to Hit Me (2 versions)
Bed Bed Bed (2 versions)
Birdhouse in Your Soul (11 versions)
Boss of Me (2 versions)
Broke in Two (3 versions)
Call You Mom (2 versions)
Can You Find It?
Can'€™t Keep Johnny Down
Careful What You Pack (2 versions)
Certain People I Could Name (2 versions)
Climbing the Walls (5 versions)
Counterfeit Faker (2 versions)
Cowtown (2 versions)
Cyclops Rock (3 versions)
Damn Good Times (4 versions)
Dead (7 versions)
Destination Moon (3 versions)
Dig My Grave (3 versions)
Dinner Bell (5 versions)
Dirt Bike (3 versions)
Don'€™t Let'€™s Start (3 versions)
Drink! (5 versions)
Everything Right Is Wrong Again (5 versions)
Experimental Film (4 versions)
Exquisite Dead Guy (3 versions)
Extra Savoir'Faire
Extra Savoir'€Faire
Fibber Island (2 versions)
Fingertips (2 versions)
Four of Two (2 versions)
Hide Away Folk Family (4 versions)
Hopeless Bleak Despair (2 versions)
Hovering Sombrero (2 versions)
How Can I Sing Like a Girl? (2 versions)
I Am a Paleontologist
I Can Add (2 versions)
I Can Hear You (2 versions)
I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die (2 versions)
I Palindrome I (2 versions)
I Should Be Allowed to Think (2 versions)
I'€™m Impressed (2 versions)
I'€™ve Got a Fang
I'€™ve Got a Match (3 versions)
If I Wasn'€™t Shy (4 versions)
It'€™s Kickin'€™ In (2 versions)
James K. Polk (4 versions)
Kiss Me, Son of God (4 versions)
Lazyhead and Sleepybones
Letterbox (2 versions)
Lullaby to Nightmares (2 versions)
Mammal (3 versions)
Man, It'€™s So Loud in Here (2 versions)
Maybe I Know (2 versions)
Meet James Ensor (2 versions)
Meet the Elements (3 versions)
Memo to Human Resources (3 versions)
Metal Detector (4 versions)
Mink Car (4 versions)
My Evil Twin (2 versions)
My Man (2 versions)
Narrow Your Eyes (4 versions)
New York City (2 versions)
No One Knows My Plan (2 versions)
Nothing'€™s Gonna Change My Clothes (3 versions)
Number Three (3 versions)
Operators Are Standing By (2 versions)
Out of Jail (3 versions)
Particle Man (4 versions)
Pencil Rain (2 versions)
Pet Name (2 versions)
Piece of Dirt (2 versions)
Prevenge (2 versions)
Purple Toupee (3 versions)
Rabid Child (3 versions)
Rat Patrol (2 versions)
Rhythm Section Want Ad (3 versions)
Road Movie to Berlin (6 versions)
Robot Parade (2 versions)
Santa'€™s Beard (3 versions)
S'€E'€X'€X'€Y (2 versions)
See the Constellation (3 versions)
She'€™s Actual Size (2 versions)
She'€™s an Angel (4 versions)
Shoehorn With Teeth (3 versions)
Sleeping in the Flowers (3 versions)
Sleepwalkers (3 versions)
Snail Shell (9 versions)
Snowball in Hell (2 versions)
Spine (3 versions)
Spiraling Shape (2 versions)
Stalk of Wheat (2 versions)
Stand on Your Own Head (3 versions)
Stomp Box (3 versions)
Subliminal (4 versions)
Take Out the Trash (2 versions)
The Bells Are Ringing (3 versions)
The Cap'€™m (2 versions)
The Day (3 versions)
The End of the Tour
The Mesopotamians (5 versions)
The Shadow Government (3 versions)
The Statue Got Me High (2 versions)
The World'€™s Address (2 versions)
Theme From Flood (2 versions)
Thermostat (3 versions)
They Got Lost (3 versions)
They Might Be Giants (3 versions)
They'€™ll Need a Crane (3 versions)
Thunderbird (3 versions)
Till My Head Falls Off (3 versions)
Turn Around (3 versions)
Twisting (4 versions)
Unrelated Thing (3 versions)
Violin (2 versions)
We Want a Rock (4 versions)
Wearing a Raincoat (3 versions)
Where Your Eyes Don'€™t Go (2 versions)
Which Describes How You'€™re Feeling (5 versions)
Whistling in the Dark (2 versions)
Why Must I Be Sad? (5 versions)
Window (2 versions)
With the Dark (3 versions)
XTC vs. Adam Ant (2 versions)
Your Own Worst Enemy (3 versions)
Your Racist Friend (4 versions)
Youth Culture Killed My Dog (5 versions)