Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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3 Miles High (3 versions)
3 Times and You Lose (4 versions)
A Different Room (2 versions)
Afterglow (8 versions)
All I Want to Do Is Rock (5 versions)
All of the Places
Anniversary (3 versions)
Another Guy
As You Are (3 versions)
Battleships (3 versions)
Before You Were Young (4 versions)
Big Chair (3 versions)
Boxes (2 versions)
Broken Mirror (2 versions)
Chinese Blues (4 versions)
Closer (6 versions)
Colder (4 versions)
Coming Around
Dear Diary (2 versions)
Death on the Stairs (7 versions)
Driftwood (12 versions)
Eyes Wide Open (3 versions)
Falling Down (4 versions)
Flowers in the Window (8 versions)
Follow the Light (6 versions)
Friends (3 versions)
Funny Thing (8 versions)
Gabay (5 versions)
Good Day to Die (3 versions)
Good Feeling (5 versions)
Happy (7 versions)
Happy to Hang Around (5 versions)
How Many Hearts (4 versions)
I Love You Anyways (3 versions)
Indefinitely (5 versions)
Last Train (5 versions)
Last Words (2 versions)
Long Way Down (4 versions)
Love Will Come Through (4 versions)
Luv (8 versions)
Magnificent Time
Mid-Life Krysis (2 versions)
More Than Us (9 versions)
Mother (2 versions)
Moving (2 versions)
My Eyes (4 versions)
My Maria (10 versions)
New Amsterdam (4 versions)
New Shoes
One Night (4 versions)
Out In Space (4 versions)
Paperclips (5 versions)
Parallel Lines (2 versions)
Peace the Fuck Out (3 versions)
Perfect Heaven Space (3 versions)
Pipe Dreams (7 versions)
Quicksand (4 versions)
Quite Free (4 versions)
Radio Song
Re-Offender (3 versions)
Ring Out the Bell (4 versions)
Safe (5 versions)
Sailing Away (3 versions)
Selfish Jean (3 versions)
She'€™s So Strange (5 versions)
Side (10 versions)
Sing (13 versions)
Something Anything (3 versions)
Somewhere Else (7 versions)
Song to Self (3 versions)
Strangers on a Train
The Beautiful Occupation (4 versions)
The Cage (3 versions)
The Fear (6 versions)
The Humpty Dumpty Love Song (3 versions)
The Last Laugh of the Laughter (2 versions)
The Line Is Fine (2 versions)
Tied to the 90'€™s (4 versions)
Turn (7 versions)
U16 Girls (10 versions)
Under the Moonlight (2 versions)
Walking in the Sun
Warning Sign (5 versions)
What Will Come
Where You Stand (3 versions)
Why Does It Always Rain on Me? (12 versions)
Writing to Reach You (9 versions)
You Don’t Know What I’m Like (3 versions)