Guitar Tabs, Chords and Lyrics
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A Shot in the Arm (7 versions)
Ashes of American Flags (7 versions)
At Least That'€™s What You Said (9 versions)
Black Moon (6 versions)
Blue Eyed Soul (2 versions)
Born Alone (6 versions)
Box Full of Letters (9 versions)
Bull Black Nova (6 versions)
Bye Bye Blues (4 versions)
Can'€™t Stand It (5 versions)
Candy Floss (6 versions)
Capitol City (4 versions)
Casino Queen (7 versions)
Company in My Back (6 versions)
Country Disappeared (3 versions)
Dawned on Me (9 versions)
Deeper Down (5 versions)
Either Way (5 versions)
ELT (6 versions)
Everlasting Everything (4 versions)
Far, Far Away (11 versions)
Forget the Flowers (11 versions)
Handshake Drugs (10 versions)
Hate It Here (5 versions)
Heavy Metal Drummer (9 versions)
Hell Is Chrome (6 versions)
Hotel Arizona (6 versions)
How to Fight Loneliness (7 versions)
Hummingbird (3 versions)
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (14 versions)
I Might (4 versions)
I Must Be High (7 versions)
I Thought I Held You (4 versions)
I'€™ll Fight (4 versions)
I'€™m a Wheel
I'€™m Always in Love (6 versions)
I'€™m the Man Who Loves You (13 versions)
If I Ever Was a Child
Impossible Germany (10 versions)
In a Future Age (5 versions)
It'€™s Just That Simple (2 versions)
Jesus, Etc. (9 versions)
Just Say Goodbye
Kamera (12 versions)
Less Than You Think (5 versions)
Magnetized (3 versions)
Monday (6 versions)
Muzzle of Bees (4 versions)
My Darling (5 versions)
Normal American Kids
Nothing'€™severgonnastandinmyway(again) (4 versions)
On and On and On (3 versions)
One Sunday Morning (9 versions)
One Wing (4 versions)
Open Mind (3 versions)
Outtasite (Outta Mind) (5 versions)
Passenger Side (7 versions)
Pick Up the Change (5 versions)
Pieholden Suite (6 versions)
Please Be Patient With Me (7 versions)
Poor Places (8 versions)
Pot Kettle Black (4 versions)
Radio Cure (7 versions)
Random Name Generator (2 versions)
Red-Eyed and Blue (4 versions)
Reservations (5 versions)
Rising Red Lung (3 versions)
Say You Miss Me (4 versions)
Shake It Off (3 versions)
She'€™s a Jar (5 versions)
Should'€™ve Been in Love (2 versions)
Shouldn'€™t Be Ashamed (4 versions)
Side With the Seeds (6 versions)
Sky Blue Sky (7 versions)
Solitaire (4 versions)
Someday Soon
Sonny Feeling (2 versions)
Spiders (Kidsmoke) (8 versions)
Standing O (2 versions)
Summer Teeth (5 versions)
Sunken Treasure (2 versions)
Sunloathe (3 versions)
Taste the Ceiling
The Joke Explained
The Late Greats (4 versions)
The Lonely 1
Theologians (4 versions)
Too Far Apart (5 versions)
Via Chicago (5 versions)
Walken (6 versions)
War on War (9 versions)
We'€™re Just Friends (5 versions)
What Do You Want With Me (2 versions)
What Light (5 versions)
What'€™s the World Got in Store (2 versions)
When You Wake Up Feeling Old (5 versions)
Where Do I Begin
Whole Love (4 versions)
Wishful Thinking (4 versions)
You and I (8 versions)
You Are My Face (8 versions)
You Never Know (9 versions)