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A9 variations

A9=111323_7 A9=002212_8 A9=002012_8 A9=121121_9 A9=021121_9 A9=021021_9 A9=001021_9 A9=311003_7 A9=011003_7 A9=111003_7 A9=001003_7 A9=001001_9 A9=302420_1 A9=301210_5 A9=202130_6 A9=202210_8 A9=202010_8 A9=121020_9 A9=101020_9 A9=212300_4 A9=131200_5 A9=001200_5 A9=101200_5 A9=301200_5 A9=212000_4 A9=311000_7 A9=301000_7 A9=101000_9 A9=342200_1 A9=212100_4 A9=022223_1 A9=322223_1 A9=002423_1 A9=042203_1 A9=331211_5 A9=012122_4 A9=012302_4 A9=031201_5 A9=001201_5 A9=012002_4 A9=012102_4 A9=131213_5 A9=001213_5 A9=002132_6 A9=311321_7 A9=001203_5 A9=311001_7

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