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The Fray - Hundred



(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS Ab Ab/F Ab/G Bb Bb2 Bb7 Bdim7 Bdim7/Ab Bdim7/D Bdim7/F C#dim7 Cm Cm/Eb Cm9 Eb Eb-add2 F F/A Fm Fm/Ab Fm/C Fm/D Fm/Eb Fm/G Fm9/Ab G/D Gm Gm-add2 Gm-add9 Gm7

B Cm Bb F/A AbMaj7 Bb Verse: The how I cant recallBut Im staring at Fm/C B7 Cm Eb What once was the wall Sep--a--rat--ing east and west Now they meet admidst The broad daylight Chorus: Cm Eb Gm7 So this is where you are And this is (