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John Mayer - Hurt

1 Hurt
  • Currently 3.3/5 Stars.
 TABS text onlyDifficulty: undetermined
 return to normal John Mayer - The Hurt Tabbed by: Oleg.Ostyak The song at first may be hard to play with the same rhythm that he plays it with but a standard John Mayer slapping technique...In this song he plays a sort of bass to it too will help you figur (
2 Hurt
  • Currently 3.4/5 Stars.
 CHORDS A7sus4, Am, C, Dsus2, Fadd9, GDifficulty: hard
 return to normal I hurt myself today,to see if i still feel,I focus on the pain,the only thing thats real,The needle tears a hole,the old familiar sting,try to kill it all away,but I remember everything, (Chorus) what have I become,my sweetest friend,every (
3 Hurt
  • Currently 2.7/5 Stars.
 CHORDS Am, C, D, Dsus2, F, GDifficulty: hard
 return to normal I hurt myself today to see if I still feelI focus on the pain the only thing that's realThe needle tears a hole the old familiar stingTry to kill it all away but I remember every thing Chorus: What have I become, my sweetest friendEveryone (
4 Hurt
  • Currently 2.9/5 Stars.
 TABS text onlyDifficulty: undetermined
 return to normal Well since the only other tab on this site isn't totally corect, I'll post the way I hear it and play it. This may not be 100% right either, but it sounds closer than hell. You'll have to listen for the strumming pattern on the Chorus and (
5 Hurt
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.
 CHORDS 4/4, Am, C, C/A, D, F, GDifficulty: hard
 return to normal x x x 2 1 0 C/G x x x 0 1 0 D x x x x 3 2 G 3 2 0 0 3 3 x 0 2 2 1 0 F x x 3 2 1 1 C x 3 2 0 1 0 Intro Q=93 Gtr I ||------0--(0)----|-----0------2---||-----0--(0)----| ||o-----1--(1)----|-----1------3--o||-----1--(1)----| ||------2--(2)---- (
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