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Four Seasons - Ive Got You

1 Ive Got You
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 TABS text onlyDifficulty: undetermined
 return to normal this is a beautiful song... it's pretty easy if you're good at finger picking, and even you're not, it shouldn't take that long to figure out. have fun :) capo on 5th Intro/verses E -------------0--1--------------------------------| A ---0 (
2 Ive got you
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 CHORDS A, A13-9, A7, A7+5-9, A7/D, A7sus4, Adim, Am7/D, Arrangement: Cbarles Calello, B, Bm, C#m7, D, D/A, D/F#, D6, D7, D7/C, Dmaj7, Dmaj7/C#, E7/G#, Em7, Em7/D, F#, F#/B, F#7, F#m, F7, G, G/B, Gm/Bb, Gm6/Bb, Gm7, drums enter, n.c., piano/strings:, repeat to fadDifficulty: hard
 return to normal 575755 567575 x05322 I've got you under my skin I've got you deep in the heart of me So deep in my heart you're really a part of me (baby, baby, baby) I've got you under my skin I've tried so not to give in x05666 I said to myself this a (
3 ive got you
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 CHORDS A7, Arrangement: Cbarles Calello, D, drums enter, n.c., piano/strings:, repeat to fade:, winds/bass arr. for guitar:Difficulty: hard
 return to normal Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 10:21:19 -0500 Subject: ./f/four_seasons/ive_got_you_under_my_skin.crd "I've Got You Under My Skin" (Cole Porter) [Arrangement: Charles Calello] [piano/strings:] D Dmaj7/C# D7/C G/B Gm/Bb D/A E7/G# A7sus4 Adim (
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