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James Ingram - Just Once


Just Once

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A(/D) A(/d)-G(/D)- A7 A7(sus) Ab Am7 B B(/D#) B(/D) BM7 Bbm7 C C#m7 C(9) C7 D D7(/F#) D7(9) Dm7 E E7 E7(sus) Eb7(sus) Em7 Em7-Am7 FM7 G G#m7 G7 G7(sus) G7(sus)-G7 G7(sus)G7 GM7

I did my bestBut i guest my best wasn't good enough'Cause here we are, back where we were beforeSeems nothin'ever changes,We're back to bein'stranger; Dm7 C(E) FM7 G7(SUS)G7 Wond'rin' if we ought to stay, Or head on out the door. CHORUS 1: (