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Ray Charles - Lets Go Get Stoned


Lets Go Get Stoned

(Difficulty: hard)
1: Ab+ Db 1: evAb+ 1: yeab 2: now wait a minute Ab Ab7 Bb7 Bbm Db Db7 Db7/Ab Db7/F Db9 Eb7 Ebm F7 Gb Gb6 Gb6/Ab Gb7 Gb9 Gdim7 piano (l.b. bass) w/drums repeat cborus repeat cborus to fade: CHORDS

. / / / / / Chorus: (Let's go get stoned) (whoa-oh-oh) (Let's go get stoned) erybody] Verse 1: You know my baby she won't let me in I've got a few pennies I'm gonna buy myself a bottle of gin And then I'm gonna call my buddy on the teleph (