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Soundtracks - Take A Look Around


Take A Look Around

(Difficulty: hard)
Now play tbis: Play RIFF 1 Play RIFF 1 eigbt times Play RIFF 1 twice Play RIFF 2 Play RIFF 2 lots of times and fade out... Play RIFF 3 Play RIFF 4 Play RIFF 5 no guitar for tbe first 2 lines play RIFF 4 play RIFF 5 play tbis tab once CHORDS

17.09.2000 - Ok, this song was pretty much wrong before so I've fixed it, it should be correct now. Ok, this song is basically just 3 or 4 riffs. So I'm not gonna write any chords here, I'm just gonna tab out the riffs and tell you where e (