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Association - Time for livin


Time for livin

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A A7/E Ab Abmaj7 Amaj7 B Bb Bbmaj7 Bm Bmaj7 C C#m Cbmaj7 Cm Cmaj7 D D#m Db Dbmaj7 Dm Dmaj7 E Eb Ebmaj7 Em Emaj7 F F# F#m F#m/E F+ Fmaj7 G Gbmaj7 Gmaj7 bass: last bar of intro cbords as per verse 2 fade

Intro: A7sus4 Bass: --3-- --3-- v v v v v v v v 0h2-0h2-------------|-------------------|-- ----------4-2-0-----|------------00-0---|-0 ----------------2-0-|-------0-2-------2-|-- --------------------|-------------------|-- Verse 1: I kick (