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Gino Vannelli - Walter Whitman Where Are You


Walter Whitman Where Are You

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A/C Ab/Bb Ab/C Abm6 Abmaj7 Abmaj7/Bb Adim Bb11 Bb13-9 Bb7-9 Bbdim Bbm Bbm6 Bmaj7/Eb C/Eb C7-9+5 C7/Ab Cm7 Cm7+5 Cm9 D7+9 Db/B Db13 Dbmaj7/Eb Dbmaj9/6 E13 Eb+5/F Eb/C Eb/G Eb6 Ebmaj7 Ebmaj9 Ebmaj9/6 F/A F13 F7+5 F7/Eb

Walter Whitman where are youAmong the stars or, in the earth beneath my shoeIt's just I'm wonderingCould you walk with me awhileAnd maybe heaven could spare you g a# ab eb' db' awhile Walter Whitman I confess My faith is shakenAnd my life' (