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Metallica - and justice album


and justice album

(Difficulty: hard)
(1st ending 2nd ending). (Rby. Fig. 1 cbanges sligbtly wbere you play tbe open 3rd string at tbe Now play tbe verses witb botb Rby. Fig.'s simultaneously for tbe verses. One guitar bolds tbat last note forever. Tbe otber plays Riff A twice begins CHORDS

E|-14-15h17p15-17b(18)r(17)-17b(18)r(17)-17\15-15-17\15-15-9\7-7------------| B|-16-17h19p17-19b(20)r(19)-19b(20)r(19)-19\17-17-19\17-17-------12\10|7----| G|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|--- (