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Raspberries - lets pretend



Lets Pretend

(Difficulty: hard)
/B /D 1 4: be 2 3: live 1: CaddD /D; to verse 2 2: to bridge 3 4: CaddD /D; repeat Am Am7 Am7/D B7 B7/D# B7sus4 Bm C CaddD CaddD/A D7 D7/F# D7sus4 Em F/G FaddG G G7/D repeat cborus repeat cborus to end; start to fade 2nd time CHORDS

I can't sleep nights Wishing you were here beside me Can't help feelin' That's the way it ought to be You know we could run (run, run away) But I couldn't bear to hear the things they'd say, oh no Chorus: Baby, let's pretend that tonight c (