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Jason Robert Brown - Christmas Lullaby


Christmas Lullaby

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS Am Am2 Am7 Am7/4 Bb Bb2/D C C/E C/G C2/E C2/G C5/9 C5/F C5/G C9/E D D7 D7/4 D7sus Dm7 Dm7/4 Dsus E/G# Em/G F F/G F5/2 F5/Bb F5/C F5/G G/B G5 G5/2 G7sus G9 Gsus

I?ll never have the power to control the landOr conquer half the world, or claim the sunI?ll never be the kind who simply waves her handAnd has a million people do the things I wish I?d doneBut in the eyes of heaven, my place is assuredI c (