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Gino Vannelli - Father And Son


Father And Son

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A11 A13 A9 Ab13 Ab9 Ab9+5 Am9 B/C# B/Db B13 B6/9 Bb Bb13 Bb13-9 Bb7 Bb7+5 Bb7-9+5 Bb9 Bb9+5 Bb9-5 Bbm9 Bmaj7-5 Bmaj9 C C13 C6/9 C7 Cmaj7-5 D D7+9 Db Db/D Db7+9 Db7+9+11 Dbmaj7-5 Dmaj7-5 Dmaj9 E/F# E11 Eb Eb7+9 Eb7-9

f# bass??????????????????????? Once in a life there comes a man like you And you bear a son so much like yourself And it's hard to believe that he's grown into a manBut pop I understand Once every night I thank my lucky stars f#/E Ebm11 Gb (