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Simon Brading - Going Your Way


Going Your Way

(Difficulty: hard)
(E) (G) A A/C# A/G A2 A2/C# A2/E Am Am/G Am/G# Asus4 B/D# Bm C C/E Cmaj7 D D2 D2/F# D7/F# Dm Dm7 Dmaj7 Dsus4 E Em Esus4 F F#m F/A F2 Fm Fm/Ab Fmaj7 G G/B Gm CHORDS

The stars in their courses aboveShine for Your glory; You alone are GodBy You every mountain was formedTo tell of the story; You alone are GodEternally worthy of praiseWe join with creation and sing CHORUS Lord, for all that You areFor all (