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Pete Townshend - Heart To Hang On To


Heart To Hang On To

(Difficulty: hard)
7fr barm. A A/E A7(sus4/sus2) A7sus2 Asus2 B B5(b6) C/E D6sus2/E F#m7 Fsus2#7 G2 G6 G6/E cbrorus intro/verse rep. intro pattern repeat cborus repeat middle pattern repeat verse pattern some cbord names implied by tbe open strummings... CHORDS

B(add4) 7x9870 Bsus4/A or Esus2/A x09970 G6 3x5430 F#m7 or A6/F# 2x4220 Dsus2/F# 2x4230 E(no 3rd) 022400 B5(b6) x24000 A7sus2 x0200x G2 35000x A7(sus4/sus2) 57x00x Fsus2#7 13300x G6/E 055700 A/E 077900 C/E 0 10 10 9 8 0 D6sus2/E 0 12 12 11 (