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Kiss - Ladies In Waiting


Ladies In Waiting

(Difficulty: hard)
Rby. Fig 1 Rby. Fig 2a w/ 2b and 2c Rby. Fig 2a w/ Rby. Fig 2c Rby. Fig 3a w/ 3b and 3c Rby. Fig 3a w/ 3b 3c and Riff 1 Rby. Fig 4a w/ Rby. Fig 4b Rby. Fig 5a w/ 5b and 5c Rby. Fig 6a w/ 6b and 6c Rby. Fig 6a w/ 6b 6c Riff 2 and Riff 3 Solo ov CHORDS

-------------------- Transcribed by Emil Ortenmark, Tuned down 1/2-step Comments: There is a mountain of guitars on this one. Apart from three rhythm guitars, there's a little fill (on the left by the way) in the verse, (