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Stevie Wonder - Lately



(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS AMaj7 Ab7 Ab9 Abm7 B6 BMaj7 Bb9 Bb9(11) Bbm7 Bbm9 Bbm9(11) Bm6 Bm7 C9(#11) Db9 Db9(11) DbMaj7 DbMaj7(9) Dbmin7 Eb9 Eb9(11) EbMaj7 Ebm Ebm7 Ebm9 Ebm9(11) EbmMaj7 Fm7 Gb6 GbMaj7 GbMaj7(9) Gbm6 Gbmi7

|----=----=----=----+----=----=----=----+----=----=----=----+----=----=----=----| Lately I have had this strangest feeling, With no vivid reasons here to find. Lately I've been staring in the mirror, very slowly picking me apart. |----=- (