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Walker Brothers - Make It Easy On Yourself


Make It Easy On Yourself

(Difficulty: hard)
(Amaj7) / 1: B13 B7 2: Bm7/E 3: to coda 4: to string tag Amaj7 B13 B7 Bm7 Bm7/E C# C#m C#m7 C#m7/E Dmaj7 E E+ E7 F#m7 repeat cborus 1 repeat cborus 1; ritard. on final line 1 CHORDS

[Note: This arrangement is from the Walker Brothers' 1965 hit. Yes, I know that Jerry Butler and Dionne Warwick both recorded it earlier...] Intro: (strings): Oh, breaking up is so very hard to do 797897] 79780x] Verse 1: If you really lov (