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A-ha - Scoundrel Days Album


Scoundrel Days Album

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A A(9) A- A/C# A9 Ab Ab(7+) B B- B-7 B-9 Bb Bb7+ C C#- C#-(7) C#-7 C- C-7 C-9/D D D- D-(4) D-7 D-7(4) D-7(4+) D-7/4+ D4 D5 E E- E-(9) E-/B E-9 E7 F F# F#- F#-4/7 F#-7 F#-7(4) F/A

-------------- Was that somebody screaming it wasn't me for sure o o I lift my head up from uneasy pillows put my feet on the floor cut my wrist on a bad thought and head for the door outside on the pavement the dark makes no noise I can f (