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Kiss - Secretly Cruel


Secretly Cruel

(Difficulty: hard)
Rby. Fig 1a Rby. Fig 1b Rby. Fig 2a w/ Riff 2 Rby. Fig 2a w/ Riff 5 Rby. Fig 2b w/ Riff 4 Rby. Fig 3 Rby. Fig 4a Rby. Fig 4a w/ Riff 6 Rby. Fig 4b Riff 1 Riff 3 Solo over Rby. Fig 1a (3x) CHORDS

-------------------- Transcribed by Emil Ortenmark, Standard tuning Comments: This song suffers more than most from the poor production on this album. The separation is terrible and the high frequencies are too accentua (