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Stevie Wonder - Send One Your Love


Send One Your Love

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A6 A7/E Ab7/Eb Abmaj7 Amaj7 B6/9 Bb Bb6 Bbmaj7 C#7/G# C#m7-5 C6/9 D6 Dbmaj7/Eb Dm7 Dmaj7/E Eb9#11 Ebm7 Ebmaj7/F Emaj7/F# F#7 F#7+5 G7 Gbmaj7 Gmaj7 barmonica solo (as

Intro : Bbmaj7 Fmaj7/G C6/9 B6/9 Verse 1: Send her your love With a dozen roses Make sure that she knows it With a flower from your heart Verse 2: Show him your love Don't hold back your feelings You don't need a reason Gmaj7 Amaj7 Eb9#11 (