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Blood Sweat And Tears - Spinning Wheel



spinning wheel

(Difficulty: hard)
1: Catcb a painted pony on tbe spinning wbeel ride 2: Ride a painted pony let tbe spinning wbeel fly 2X 3X; borns fade 3rd time 4X D7#9 in low and bigb octaves Eb G N.C. cowbell enters full drum kit enters laugbter no borns repeat verse 3 tro CHORDS

Horns : 1111 v v v v v v v v / ///// //// // Verse 1: bass (doubled with piano); chords implied (E7) (A7) (D7) (G) v v v v v v v v -----------------|----------------- -----------------|----------------- -7---7---------3-|-5---5-------2-5- (