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Gino Vannelli - The Wheels Of Life


The Wheels Of Life

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A/Eb Abmaj13 Abmaj9 B/Eb Bb/Eb Bbm7 Bbm7/Ab Bbm7/Eb C7+5 Cm7 D9-5 Db/Eb Dbm6/A Dbm6/Ab Dbmaj7 Dbmaj9 Dm7-5 E/Eb Eb Eb6 Fm7 Fm9 Gbmaj13 Gbmaj7 Gbmaj7/Ab Gm7-5 Gm7/F

The wheels of life are turnin so much faster The restless sands of time pass me by There are dreams I'll never live to seeBut as long as you believe in meI'll still feel them on the wayas I take life day to day The wheels of life are turni (