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Don Moen - Throne Of Praise


Throne Of Praise

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A A/E A2/G# Ab Ab/C Ab2 Ab2/Eb Ab2/F Abm/Bb Abm/C Abm6 Am7 Bb/C Bb/D Bb2 Bb2/F Bb7sus Bbm7(b5) Bm7(b5) Bm7(b5)/E Bm7(b5)/F C#m7 C/E C2 C2/Bb C2/E C7sus Cb2/Ab Cb2/F2 Cb2/Gb Cm7 Csus D D2 D2/C# D2/F D2/F# Db2 Dm6 Eb E

Intro 2:Jesus we lift You on our praisesso ev'ry eye can see Your faceYour pow'r and graceBehold you and you really areBrighter than all the stars of heavenour worship is for You alonewe build You this throne of praise Verse 1: As long as (