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Lettermen - Traces Of Love


Traces Of Love

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A A7 A7sus4 Abmaj7 Am Am7-5 B7 Bb Bb7 Bb7sus4 Bbm Bbmaj9 Bm Bm7/A Bmaj9 C C#m7-5 C7 Cm Cm7/Bb D Db Dm7-5 E6 Eb Eb6 Em Em7 F# F#m Fm Fm7 G G#m7-5 G7 Gm Gmaj7

Verse 1: Faded photographs Covered now with lines and creases Tickets torn in half Memories in bits and pieces Chorus 1: Traces of love long ago That didn't work out right Traces of love Verse 2: Ribbons from her hair Souvenirs of days tog (