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Gino Vannelli - Venus Envy


Venus Envy

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS A+5/b Ab13 Ab6 Ab9 B13addC# Bb13addC Bbm7 Bbm9 Bmaj7-5/ab C7+5 C7-9+5 C7addF D9 Db11 Db13 Db7 Db7-9 Db9 Dbmaj7 Eb7 Eb7/Bb Eb9 Ebm13addF F7 F7+9+5 F7-9+5 Fm G7+9+5 G7-9+5 Gbmaj7/ab Gm7-5 Gm7/C db/Bb

ice g4 ab f g eb f db c4 d Eb7/Bb Fm/Bb db/Bb Eb/Bb ab D7+9 C7-9+5 Fm Bb/c Not some man - made god dess cus to cut and spliced f3 ab c4 eb c d bb3 Fm eb/c db4 eb db Fm Gm/c Fm Gm/c Db7 Db9 Db7 Don?t need no great big set of charms to tempt (