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Blood Sweat And Tears - Youve Made Me So Very Happy


Youve Made Me So Very Happy

(Difficulty: hard)
F Gb G Ab Bb Eb / A7 A7sus4 Ab7sus4 Absus4 B7 Bb7 Cb Cmaj7 D Db Dbmaj7 Dmaj7 Eb Ebm Ebm7 Em Em7 F#m7 Gadd2 Gb Gm6 N.C. borns arr. for guitar repeat cborus repeat to fade single edit resumes bere 1 4x 11 CHORDS

Verse 1: I'd lost at love before Got mad and closed the door But you said, child, "just once more" I chose you for the one Now we're havin' so much fun You treated me so kind I'm about to lose my mind Chorus: You've made me so very (