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Raspberries - if you change your mind


If You Change Your Mind

(Difficulty: hard)
CHORDS Ab Ab+/E Ab/C Ab/Eb Ab/Gb Ab6/F Ab7/Gb Abmaj7 Bb Bb13 Bb7 Cb/Gb Cm Db Db+/A Db/Ab Db/F Db6/Bb Db7/Cb Eb Eb+/B Eb/Bb Eb6/C Eb7 Eb7/Db F Fm Fm7 Fm7-5/Cb G G/B Gb Gm

I guess that I should leave 'Cause there's nothing left for me to do Except to set you free So let me leave now before I cry I'll just go back to my room and hide And never let noone else inside To do this again Chorus: But if you change y (